Tourism in Marrakesh

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Tourism in Marrakesh

the capital of the Andalusian Empire, is one of Morocco’s most prestigious tourism cities, characterized by its charismatic beauty and scenic nature.

The city of Marrakesh is characterized by numerous historical fences, buildings and mega-gardens of high design.

Marrakesh is a stronghold of Islamic civilization and an intellectual center of science and philosophy.

It includes many museums and monuments that attract many tourists, as well as many wonderful tourist sites that make the holiday another taste of the Moroccan atmosphere.

as well as many restaurants, cafes, markets and recreational activities.

Marrakesh Hotels

The city of Marrakech has hundreds of luxury apartments and hotels, which vary and vary according to their luxury, level of service and even prices.

Because the task of choosing the right hotel for a tourist is rather difficult, we have collected the best Marrakesh hotels in this article.

The most famous tourist venues in Marrakesh

will introduce you to the most famous tourism features in Marrakesh, which attract tourists from around the world:

Jama Alfna Square

Jama Alfna is a well – known place for all cans and a place where local people and tourists also gather to discover markets and homemade products.

as well as many restaurants that offer local meals.

There are also many stalls and performances in theater art and storytellers as well as musicians.

Jama Alfna Square is located at the entrance to Marrakech and draws thousands of visitors from all over the world to learn about the city’s rich heritage and to sit in one of the surrounding cafes or eat an authentic Moroccan meal in the restaurants there.

It is considered one of the most important tourist venues in Marrakech.

Marrakesh Museum

For tourists interested in history, we advise you to visit the Marrakesh Museum as one of the city’s most prestigious museums, which includes a unique collection of exhibits where ancient contemporary and historical art comes together and displays types of textiles, Koranic inscriptions, coins, muddy pots, etc.

Majoril Gardens

The majorele garden is one of the most beautiful and polarizing parks in Marrakech Morocco and is a tropical garden that is distinctive in its design and mixing of colors with green nature.

The gardens have a variety of plants, some of which are rare, collected from the five continents, including cactus, palms and sarcophagus.

The gardens are named after the French artist Jacques Magurel, who designed them. Parks are now one of Marrakesh’s most beautiful tourist places.

Commercial markets in the Old City

Are one of Marrakesh’s most popular tourist places and shopping destinations in the city, where the Old City is characterized by its narrow alleyways and colorful houses.

The area offers many stores that sell distinctive souvenirs such as shoes, perfumes, brass artefacts, etc.,

And there is a leather market where there are many old tanneries in the area.

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