The Best Places to visit in morocco

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The Best Places to visit in morocco

Tourism in Morocco

A country of beauty and unique landscape tourism. Tourism in the West has a diversity of types of tourists, including mountain tourism, ancient city tourism, religious tourism and sports tourism.

Morocco’s tourism has become a global destination because of its potential. The Maghreb has benefited from its position on the African continent and its openness to the Mediterranean, as well as being one of the countries of the Arab world, as the host country for many Arab and foreign tourists.

Morocco’s best tourist season

is from March to May. It is characterized by mild and beautiful weather in Morocco’s cities, where light rains fall, as well as warm weather and general tourism.

Travel to Morocco

costs between $150 and $250 per day and may increase and vary as desired.

How long can I stay for tourism in Morocco?

The maximum stay for tourism in Morocco is 3 months for foreigners who are exempt from a visa, as long as your passport allows. The duration of the visa was calculated for the non-exempt.

If the period of residence in Morocco is to be extended after the expiration of three months or the expiration of the visa, the competent Moroccan authorities must request authorization.

Tourism in Casablanca

Casablanca is Morocco’s largest city, the most beautiful city on the Moroccan ocean coast, and the country’s economic capital. Casablanca is a city rich in diverse and exquisite tourist spaces, containing many of Morocco’s most important tourist areas, giving it a special charm and aesthetic.

The city also has many parks and parks, such as the Arab League Park, and houses several annual festivals, the most famous of which is the Casablanca Festival. The proposed four-day visit to Morocco’s tourist spots in Casablanca.


Tourism in Marrakesh

is one of the most important tourist cities in Morocco and the capital of the Andalusian Empire. It has the harmony and blending of the beauty of the present and the glamour of the past. In this era, Marrakesh is a stronghold of Islamic civilization and an intellectual center of science and philosophy, comprising many museums and monuments that attract many tourists.

In addition to many of Morocco’s most important tourist places, the holiday has a different taste in Moroccan environments, as well as many restaurants, cafes, markets and leisure activities. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Marrakesh when travelling to Morocco for the proposed 5-day visit to Marrakesh


Tourism in Rabat

it is the capital of Morocco and the second largest city of Morocco, with its beautiful location on a large plain bordering the Atlantic Ocean and with the Abi Raqqq River at its centre. The city of Rabat is home to many of Morocco’s most important tourist spots.

Tourism in Tangier

is one of Morocco’s sixth largest and most important tourist cities, receiving annually many foreign tourists arriving to learn about Morocco’s best tourist spots because of its outstanding tourist features.

Tourism in Tangier is one of the most important resources of the city. It is also characterized by its towers, its huge doors and the hamlet forest. Proposed 3 days to identify Morocco’s best tourist spots.


Tourism in Fez

The city of Fez is the second largest city in Morocco by population and houses many tourist areas in Morocco. It contains monuments that mark its civilization through ancient Islamic times.

In Fez, it is the largest car-free zone in the world, so its environment is very clean. The proposed duration of the best tourist spots in Morocco is 3 days.


Tourism in Meknes

Morocco, has a long history of its walls, towers and historic places, which have been preserved in their shrines and features. It is truly the city of Arab Islamic civilization and bright history.

The city of Meknes is one of Morocco’s most important tourist cities.


Tourism in Agadir

Agadir is one of Morocco’s tourist towns located on the Atlantic coast near the Atlantic Mountains and is considered to be one of Morocco’s most important tourist destinations, as it includes many tourist features, health resorts, golf courses, clean beaches, parks and parks, as it houses many of Morocco’s most important tourist areas.



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