Best Four Activities in Jama Alfna Marrakech

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Best Four Activities in Jama Alfna Marrakech


Jama Alefna Square dates back to the founding of Marrakesh City and was built in the time of the Marabataean State during the 15th century.

Since then, it has been one of the most important tourist places in Marrakesh, and a symbol of the city that prides itself on its vitality and appeal to Arab and foreign tourists.

Best activities at the Jama Alfna Arena in Marrakech, Morocco

You can watch the interesting performances of my snake hero, and enjoy walking in that courtyard for the popular joy, as it’s a meeting point between the city and the stockade and the navigator.

  • You can also watch music shows as well as storytellers and puzzles, and a lot of folk appearances that reduce a rich and unique heritage.
  • You can watch dancers, animal exhibitors and henna smears, and you can buy souvenirs from various distinctive heritage industries.
  • You can also watch the arena with its romantic fun night atmosphere.

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