How to Cook in a Moroccan Meat Tagine

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How to Cook in a Moroccan Meat Tagine

A Picture Of Moroccan Tagine

How to cook moroccan tagine

Tagine is popular meals to families of Morocco,it is made of either ceramic or unglazed clay. Both materials are quite common in Morocco,it is A famous UTENSILS in Morocco.

It has Pyramidal shape,From its characteristics Keep on Steam inside,And in some of its forms a small hole in the top of the Cover,Keep the vegetable and meat cooked food Values, Gives delicious flavor and makes the food was delicious, especially with spices, The Moroccan tagine meal is easy to prepare and its ingredients are available continuously, especially that the tagine can be made in more than one way and in different ways.

Tagine is a meal with many calories, preferably served at lunchtime,It is a meal that is not divided into dishes, as is the case for most meals, It is best to eat it warm after it has been cooked, and it is advised to avoid eating it hot because the clay keeps heat. Also, the best way to obtain a delicious tagine is to cook on charcoal for those who own a backyard or garden.

A Picture Of Al-majmer (charcoal)

How to cook moroccan tagine

Now, let’s find the ingredients, spices, and how to cook Moroccan Tagine.

To cook tagine with goat meat and onions we will need :


  • 2 kilos of goat meat
  • 6 onions, cut into circles
  • olive oil
  • Coriander & Cilantro
  • water


  • Salt
  • Black Pepper
  • Paprika
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger
  • Garlic

To decorate the Tagine

  • almonds Boil and fried in oil
  • Dried Apricots
  • Dried prunes
  • 4 boiled eggs

Tagine cooking method :

  • Three onions are cut into thick circles
  • We put the chopped onions in circles on the Tagine as shown in the picture below.
How to cook moroccan tagine
  • We Add little olive oil, In addition to garlic, it is separated that peel is removed.
  • Squeeze the garlic with a knife or cut it into small pieces, Then we add goat or beef after we have put onions, And the best cuts of meat that Moroccans use to cook tagine are called (El-melj).
  • The meat is fresh, red, and it is highly preferred that the cow or goat be no more than one year old.
  • Here is the picture of meat that we are talking about.
How to cook moroccan tagine

It is always advisable to cook the tagine on a low heat or on charcoal

  • We Put the tagine on low heat and stir the meat and onions after five minutes.
  • We will have a little broth of ripe meat and onions and the meat will change to a light brown color.
  • Then we collect the meat in the middle of the tagine and put the onions under the meat.
How to cook moroccan tagine
  • Add the remaining onions on the side of the meat, but cut it into medium pieces instead of round slices
  • This recipe calls for mixing salt, ginger, paprika, Black Pepper, Cinnamon. You can also mix the spices in a large bowl and toss the meat in the spices to coat everything evenly before adding to the tagine. Alternatively, you can sprinkle the spices one at a time directly into the assembled tagine. There’s no right or wrong way—it is a matter of preference.
How to cook moroccan tagine
  • Then we add Coriander & Cilantro Above the meat.
  • And we make sure to add only a little water, about half a cup Empty it on the tagine side because we want the spices to mix well with the meat.
  • If we squirt water directly over the meat, the spices will unfortunately come down and the meat will lose a lot of good taste.

We leave the tagine over the heat for thirty to forty five minutes
We check it two to three times during this period to ensure that it does not burn and add a little water if we notice that the broth has become insufficient

To decorate the Tagine while serving

  • We take another pot that we put Dried prunes on Add water to it and place it on top of the fire until the water absorbs and becomes bloated.
  • The same thing we do with dried apricots in another container.
  • After we notice the plum and apricot puffiness, we add three tablespoons of sugar to each of them and leave the mixture on top for another ten minutes.
  • After we make sure that the tagine is ready to be eaten, we add a little dried apricot and dried plum over the meat, and we can also sprinkle a little Sesame Seeds on top of them Or almond and we also add egg pieces for decorating.
  • It is preferable to eat tagine with bread.

There are other methods for preparing tagine.

This was all about tagine meal with meat and onions
I hope you like the recipe
I await your comments and suggestions.

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