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Raspberry cheesecake recipe

Ingredients : For base : Biscuits : 200 grams (any of your choice) Melted unsalted butter : 75 grams For raspberry sauce : Fresh or frozen raspberries : 200 grams Sugar : 1/4 cup/50 grams or as per your taste Lemon juice : 2 tea spoons Water : 1/4 cup/65 ml Gelatin : 1 tsp...

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Moroccan candy Kaab Ghzal

Ingredients  Dough Amounts: 600g Super Flour  125g Normal Butter  1/2mk Natural Yagurt  2mk Sugar powder Small glass of water flower. almond node amounts: Kelo poached and purified  400g sugar powder. 2 butter top spoons. 2 water top spoons. Yeast Candy Flavor Fanny  Reserve Egg Jam by Almond Quality Steps: 1 We put the amounts together,...

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Cacao and Coke in Moroccan style

Components  500 g kacao roasted and ground peanuts  300 g ground cook  5 eggs  Cup and a half oil  Cup and half sugar  3 mufflers  1 tablespoon black cocoa 2 spoons apricot jam salt Sugar powder for decorating Steps 1 In the bowl we add eggs, sugar oil, Khmer cacao jam, mix and then clean...

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