Cacao and Coke in Moroccan style

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Cacao and Coke in Moroccan style


 500 g kacao roasted and ground peanuts 

300 g ground cook 

5 eggs 

Cup and a half oil 

Cup and half sugar 

3 mufflers 

1 tablespoon black cocoa

2 spoons apricot jam


Sugar powder for decorating


1 In the bowl we add eggs, sugar oil, Khmer cacao jam, mix and then clean the cacao and coke gradually.

2 Then we start forming it into quirrat, putting it in the grated sugar powder, putting the candy a little apart in the oven chef, brushing it with a cookboard, and then getting the candy into the oven, provided the oven fire is up.

3 After cracks in the candy from the top, we get it out of the oven and put it on the top floor of the oven to mature from the bottom, too, and make sure it doesn’t burn.

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